REGISTRATION: All students are required to register before beginning classes each year.  Classes will run September thru May.  There will be a $20.00 registration fee per child. Registration fee is non-refundable.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Please note that classes are subject to change due to class enrollment. You will be notified prior to class. Suggested age is a guidline, the teacher can move a child up or down based on ability. Classes start in SEPTEMBER!!!

TUITION:  Tuition is due on the first lesson of each month.  If payment is not caught up, your child will be dismissed from dance class until a payment is received.  If a check is returned for any reason, there will be a $20.00 fee. You may mail your payment to PO BOX 1754 Roxboro, NC 27573.  Please be sure to put your child’s name on your check or envelope.

PARENTAL OBSERVATION & VISITORS:  Parents or other visitors are not allowed to sit in or observe classes.  This is very distracting to both the dancers and the teachers.  However, we have provided viewing windows in the waiting area for your convience.   

STUDENT DROP & PICK UP: Please pick up your children promptly after class. Likewise, we appreciate children arriving no earlier than 10 minutes before their class starts.  We are NOT a babysitting service.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

STUDENT ATTIRE All students must wear proper attire for dance classes.  Long hair must be pulled up in ponytail or bun.  Parents, please put your child’s name in shoes in case of mix up.  We are not responsible for any lost items.  See below for attire:

 TAP, JAZZ & MODERN CLASSES: LEOTARDS OR TIGHT FITTING TOP, TIGHTS, JAZZ PANTS, CROP TOPS, TANK TOPS SHOES: Combo classes – Tan Tap, 2nd grade & Up – Black Tap Shoe, Tan Pull On Jazz Shoe

BALLET & POINTE CLASSES: LEOTARDS, TIGHTS OR LEGGINGS, SKIRTS SHOES: Pink Leather Ballet Shoes, Middle & High – Canvas Ballet, Pink Pointe


CLASS CONDUCT  We try very hard to provide a friendly atmosphere, it is most important for students to be respectful and quiet during class.  This will help teachers and assistant teachers to provide a good learning environment.  Please remember to encourage each other in a supportive manner and to work together as a team.  There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for disruptive behavior during class and in the waiting area.  Students not conforming with this rule will be asked to leave class.  Repeat incidences will result in being asked to leave the studio permanently.

 MAKE UPS:  Classes missed due to illness or personal reasons may be made up.  Call to arrange another class day and time within thirty days.  Tuition will not be adjusted for missed classes.

HOLIDAYS & SNOW DAYS:  If school is out in Person County due to bad weather, then the studio will also be closed.  The studio will be open on teacher work days and early release.  Tuition fees are the same regardless of holidays.  You may make up snow days.  If unsure of whether studio is open, please call the studio at 599 – 5375 or check our website.

TERMINATION:  If you decide to discontinue your classes, you must notify the dance school.  You will be responsible for tuition incurred before the date of notification.

RECITAL:  There will be a routine for each class a child is taking.  Costumes are ordered in December.  Please be prepared to make a costume deposit in October of $50.00.  Your childs costume will not be ordered if you have not paid the deposit. The remainder of your costume payment will be due mid December.  Costume deposits are non-refundable.  We will also order finale T – shirts that will cost $20.00.  There is a recital fee of $25.00 due at end of dance year per child.  The recital fee helps to cover the costs of producing the show (ex: props, cost of location, advertisement, programs, concessions, etc.)  ANY CHILDS ACCOUNT THAT IS NOT PAID IN FULL BY THE RECITAL SHOW DATES WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERFORM IN THE RECITAL.